We regularly get emails from product developers and designers from all over the world. We try to answer everyone as fast as we can. If you haven’t received any reply from us yet, it could be we haven’t received your message, or we are still working on it. We are a very productive ladies clothing manufacturer with many requests from all over the world. In the meantime please check the below, it may help you find some answers.

Delivery Time

Different types of garments made of different fabrics have different delivery times. If a fabric is easily available, sampling approval is fast, and the factory isn’t too busy shipment can be ready in 60 days. Unfortunately most fabrics these days do tend to have a longer delivery time and factories can get quite busy. Generally speaking in China it’s safest to prepare for a 75-90 days delivery time for ladies clothing manufacturing. Our delivery policy is that we do guarantee all customers on-time delivery.

Minimum Ordering Quantity

Generally speaking, the minimum order quantity we start at is 800 pieces per style/colour. If your order quantity is 800 pieces you more or less have enough fabric quantity to meet your minimums for dyeing. In some cases where fabric has a lower minimum, or fabric is shared with another style, we can also do a lower minimum of 500 pieces per style/colour.

Do We Support Start-Ups and New Brands ?

Regarding start-ups and new brands, we are selective in how we spend our resources. Developing a new brand takes a tremendous amount of time & money. Start-up companies need to consider buying stock in order to meet the minimum ordering quantity. We do not make salesman samples or collection samples for new brands or start-up brands. We do make collection samples for established brands and retailers that launch a new branch or concept.


Signitive Global Exports does not charge any costs for samples that are part of the production process like fitting samples and pre-production samples. For salesman samples we charge 2.5 x f.o.b. price. We only make salesman samples for established brands, not for new brands. All samples are especially made for clients. We do not have any ready made samples that can be used as promotion samples. When requesting samples, please tell us a bit about your company first, thanks.

Delivery Terms

Delivery is F.O.B. Payment terms are T/T 30/70. 30% deposit and 70% against copy B/L. We also accept payment by L/C. All cost for packing, exporting and taking the goods to your forwarder are included in the price.